First Year Associate Life Management: Pushing Past the Wall

Lost Attention

Have you ever had a day when you sit and stare at a computer screen or your phone screen willing something to happen so you have direction? That was today. I was scheduled to be in court in the morning and I was quite proud of my ability to be out of bed and ready […]

First Day Takeout


My first day of work was yesterday. I arrived thirty minutes early because I left super early fearing I’d get on the wrong metro line or get lost. I was immediately taken to the “intern area” and soon handed a small stack of papers to complete. If you recall, I love paperwork so this was […]

Calm Before the Storm

living together

   The next few days are going to be a whirlwind because my life is about to start. Monday is the start of my semester, the first day at my internship, first day of both SO and I having outside/not together plans, and the beginning of my financial fast.  Internship I start my internship at 9:30 […]

Law School and Everything Else: Living Life on a Tight Rope

Elephant Balancing

“[D]id you hear about the back that went to law school? He passed the Lum’bar’!” Email from Trescot J. Gear, Front Row (February 9, 2012, 1:26 p.m EDT). Law school is a huge time suck. You are in class approximately 4 hours a day; then, have about 5-6 hours of reading, outlining, and note-review to do […]