First Year Associate Life Management: Pushing Past the Wall

Lost Attention

Have you ever had a day when you sit and stare at a computer screen or your phone screen willing something to happen so you have direction? That was today. I was scheduled to be in court in the morning and I was quite proud of my ability to be out of bed and ready […]

Moving on Up to the East Side

My bank account is now more empty than my apartment as it seems to have gone into the negative over the weekend.  Have I mentioned lately how much of a money suck law school is?  I have been trying to find an externship position in Washington, DC for the past several months with little success, […]

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up


Looking up seemed so promising. Looking back, I see my past brighter than I experienced it. I remember sitting around in high school thinking I cannot wait to grow up! Yet, now, all I want is to go back to when life was easy, less stressful, and cheaper (for me). My biggest decisions revolved around […]

2L and Back: Dealing with the Flu

Missing school in college is bad but missing a lecture in law school is practically the end of the world! Most people (in my opinion) do not like to skip classes and only do so when they are absolutely on their death bed. However, the problem with this is that they spread their germs to […]

Changes Inevitable

The last few weeks I’ve started several posts, yet none have made it past the first few sentences. Nothing I want to say seems important enough to post…senseless droning is all it ever seems. My life has changed a lot (what’s new?). I am three days into my second semester of my 2L year, and […]