First Year Associate Musings: January Budget Recap

Not going to lie – I’m struggling to keep my “eating out” budget in check. Working 12+ hours each day has caused me to struggle greatly with food prep and meal planning. Last month, I went grocery shopping once… and ended up throwing away 60% of the fresh produce I purchased because I poorly planned […]

First Year Associate Musings: Budgeting for the Future

Budgeting for the Future I received my payment schedule for both my car and student loans, so I’ve been able to finalize my monthly budget. Luckily, the amount owed is less than I originally budgeted. Unfortunately, I still lost roughly $200 each month, if I hit all my budget caps. Over the last two months, I have […]

First Year Associate Musings: Budget? What Budget?

Somehow I ended the month with some money, nowhere near the amount I wanted but it was more than zero. SUCCESS!  My Starbucks visits have decreased so much that I’m expecting the cops to perform a safety check any day now. (Gold card members don’t just stop showing up). Bringing my Nespresso to the office was probably one of […]

First Year Associate Musings: Game Planning for 2015


   From the moment I started working, I knew it was going to be a repeat of law school. Hidden Fees at every corner. The moment I pay one bill, two more pop up. Hopefully, all of the unexpected bills and expenses have surfaced, and my fingers are crossed that I will be able to level everything […]