Walking Away

guilty cat

Walking away from my old life seemed like a monstrous task. Honestly, I did not think I could change. I did not believe that my past could ever stay my past. I thought that I was too hurt—too damaged—to move forward. How can someone expect me to believe that anyone could forgive me? God forgives […]

Road to (My) Redemption Part II

How Do You Define You? April 2011 Life is a silly, fragile thing. It is affected greatly by the slightest change–one moment can change it forever. No one knows what that moment will be, or when it will occur but it does. Many of these moments occur throughout a lifetime, and many pass without us […]

Road to My Redemption

Love in Christ

In honor of the one-year anniversary of my return to God and relationship with Him, I have decided to take a look back at my posts from that time. One Tuesday (my “official” anniversary) I hope to reflect on my journey and how law school has affected it. Enjoy!  March 21, 2011 Today we started […]

When the Cards Fall, Who’s Left?

Odd Pairings

I’m struggling a lot this week with friendships. Okay, maybe I am not the most personable person. I’ll win no awards for being the best friend. I may not like hanging out with others at all times. However, after attending my Bible study on Wednesday and talking with some of the others I realized something […]