1L of a Life: Sept 15

Sitting in Criminal Law right now and I am having a difficult time paying attention.
My professor is wearing her hair differently today, and her usual jewelry has been replaced with a turquoise necklace and silver bulb earrings. Why does this bother me? I feel like I was just starting to learn her ways, but now there’s a curveball. Who is she? Is it necessary to know your professor to do well in the course?
I think so.

If I can understand why they teach in a certain way, then I believe that I can narrow down what information will be weighed more heavily on the final exam.

Why is law school so intimidating? Everyone is typing away and I look around thinking “She just said ‘Good morning’, what are you typing!?” I do not want to feel behind, I do not want to miss something important; but, what is it that they are seeing or hearing that I have misinterpreted the importance of?

I’ve done the readings, I’ve written some notes, I’ve thought about the notes and questions… but what am I missing?

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