1L of A Life: Week 10

I have had a busy last couple of weeks! School has ramped up and it is nearing the end of the first semester (eek!) and I made the snap decision to make a very unwise financial choice:

 TOBY! He is a miniature Australian Shepard, 10 weeks old and absolutely amazing! He has added a lot to my workload, but so far the additional companionship has been much appreciated :)

I also was baptized two weeks ago in the Gulf at Upham Beach and it was another great decision! I feel so much better since doing it and know that I am rededicating myself to God who has been the only stable component throughout my entire life.
I only have a few more weeks (about three) of my first semester left and I am getting nervous…there is a lot of stress and pressure that will continue to build over the next weeks but I plan on preparing now so that it is not too unnerving.

My weekly care packages from home and support from my awesome boyfriend… and now, Toby, will help me get through the next three weeks and beyond :)



More to come, I hope!


1L of A Life: 7.5

Maybe it’s because it’s Wednesday. Maybe it’s because I finally get to see my boyfriend this weekend after five weeks apart. Maybe it’s just because I slept too much… but my brain is NOT functioning today!

Anyone else have this problem?

Law School has taken away every motivation I had this week. My brain hurts and I just cannot concentrate.