Resolutions for Myself in the New Year


   Hey you, this year is going to be filled with lots of changes. You are aging out of your mom’s insurance (gotta pay those doctor bills yourself now!), you will be graduating law school, moving to a new city, and looking for your first big girl job. This new chapter is going to be pretty scary at first but I know that you can do it because you’ve made it through so many other crazy things in 2013. Keep being you but be the best you that you can be. Continue reading

First Year Associate Musings: Budgets are Evil

budgetsNo one prepares us for adult life. I’ve had over eight years of higher education and yet I have no idea how to create a budget and stick to it. Now that I have health insurance being taken out of my paycheck, a car payment, and student loans coming due, I have to stick to my budget more than ever.

I’ve heard of various methods for sticking to budgets throughout the years, as I’ve struggled financially since the moment I was handed my first credit card. Honestly, the best method is one I don’t see myself ever following – the cash method. The idea of going to the bank and having to physically hold my monthly budget is terrifying and burdensome. Where do you even store the money? How do you keep it all separate? What if a bill requires a check?

The concept of online banking is so familiar and comforting to me, yet it is so easy to swipe a card without thinking about (or even knowing) the consequences until the next monthly statement arrives.

The next few weeks will be difficult, I know, yet I am positive I will find a way to make it work. No more Starbucks, no more ordering lunch out, and no more Tijuana Flats takeout nights. What will my life become??? 

Do you think I can do it?

What are you willing to give up to make your budget balance? 

First Year Associate Musings: Five Week Burnout?

burnoutNo one expected it to be this soon but no one can ever accurately predict when it will occur. Somehow, someway it always sneaks up on you.

Burnout. Honestly, I should have known the schedule I was trying to follow was too much but I am trying to make a great first impression. The hours I’ve been keeping may seem like heaven to some others, so I feel bad even complaining. Nonetheless, twelve-hour or more days five times a week are a lot! Add in one day each weekend and, well, it’s been hard to find my recharge.

My biggest challenge over the last couple weeks has been researching and writing an article for the senior partner that will be published. When I volunteered, I had not received a case load yet and was feeling ready to accept a challenge. However, almost the second I accepted, my case load was assigned and my schedule became ridiculously challenging to manage.

Additionally, during Thanksgiving week, everything seemed to explode. My schedule filled up and my phone always seemed to ring the second I started to make progress on a current assignment.

Although I know the schedule will not lighten up, I am hopeful that I’ll learn to deal with the crazy.

Right now the hardest part about my new career is coming to the realization that I’ll remain in poverty for the foreseeable future. My student loans will be due shortly… and well, my payments are going to be 1.5 times my rent payment! Hoping with all my heart I’ll be able to reduce my monthly payment but I’m still worried about how much interest will accrue if I do not pay the interest each month. Ugh, why wasn’t I given an idea of how much my monthly payments would be PRIOR to borrowing for law school? I would have gone part-time and worked to afford it.

Time will tell how this story plays out. Stay tuned…