Resolutions for Myself in the New Year


   Hey you, this year is going to be filled with lots of changes. You are aging out of your mom’s insurance (gotta pay those doctor bills yourself now!), you will be graduating law school, moving to a new city, and looking for your first big girl job. This new chapter is going to be pretty scary at first but I know that you can do it because you’ve made it through so many other crazy things in 2013. Keep being you but be the best you that you can be. Continue reading

90 Days Until Summer! Are You ready??? G

90 Days Until Summer! Are You ready???

Get ready with me! The April Fit Club starts SOON –> I have ALL the info!

I don’t know if it’ll work for you, all I know is that I joined my first challenge group in 2012 and lost over 20 lbs! For me, the support & daily motivation was invaluable and there is NO WAY I would have had that much success on my own.

All you have to do is take a leap of faith. Trust me to guide you through this journey, providing the tools you need along the way to reach & sustain the results you want! It isn’t always easy but when you are going through it with friends, it is so much better!

Why Now??? —> I want to HELP you eliminate EXCUSES and sign up for the April challenge group NOW… comment below or message me to hear about the April Fit Club Discount :)