Resolutions for Myself in the New Year


   Hey you, this year is going to be filled with lots of changes. You are aging out of your mom’s insurance (gotta pay those doctor bills yourself now!), you will be graduating law school, moving to a new city, and looking for your first big girl job. This new chapter is going to be pretty scary at first but I know that you can do it because you’ve made it through so many other crazy things in 2013. Keep being you but be the best you that you can be. Continue reading

Together for A Reason

We’re not meant to go through this life alone. From the very beginning God created us two by two for a reason, we were all meant to have a mate. I’ve never been positive where I fell along the lines of  believing in soul mates nonetheless, five years ago when everything in the world seemed to be stacked against it, somehow I still found my way towards him. Our friendship led to our first date, and even though neither of us expected anything at first, we eventually started to realize that we couldn’t lie to ourselves much longer. He was my best friend. Being together was so natural. It felt like we’d known each other forever!

Fast forward to July 4, 2015, and he finally asked me the one question I’ve been waiting to hear for like… at least three years … he asked me  to marry him!

I was so in shock that the only thing I could say was “Are you serious?!” Followed immediately by, “Of course, yes!”

Honestly, I’ve never felt more sure about any decision in my life. My only concern is whether I’ll make a good wife. I know I’m selfish… I’m aware of it, though, so that is a start. I’m a horrible cook. I cannot clean worth anything. And, the moment I come home the only thing I ever want to do is go straight to bed.

The wedding will be in 431 days and we already have the chapel and reception venue booked and we went to our first bridal show last weekend! We’ve been doing so well and it’s adorable how excited he is about the whole process. I totally scored a winner :)  

Any wedding planning tips? 

Rainy California Days

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen,

I am currently sitting in an airport in sunny California waiting to return to sunny Florida! I have never been in California before and although I am not sure if this would really qualify as a real trip to California, I can certainly say that I’ve been here.

Yesterday was a hectic day. It was non-stop chaotic from beginning to the end, and at moments, I was afraid I may breakdown. Nonetheless, I was confident that God had my back and there was a reason I was being sent on this journey. Somehow, I made it through this less than 24-hour California excursion with plenty of prayers and lots of preparation and emails with my home office (shout out to my B-crew for answering my frantic emails and texts!).

Through it all I met some amazing people who offered free rides, insight and good laughs during a stressful time. And, in the end, my heart was still in Florida split between Orlando and Coral Springs.

Sometimes it takes leaving home to realize where your heart remains because that’s home.

After my work commitment, I had a few hours to kill before my flight and knew I should be doing work, so I brought my laptop and answered emails while I got a pedicure in a massage chair. Have you ever sat in one of those things???? Seriously? I thought I had died and gone to heaven? The woman could have up-sold me almost anything and I would have said yes… and I think by the end, I did.  She told me I had dry skin and had to have a sugar scrub, my calluses were horrendous so I desperately needed the callous rub, and I am clearly stressed so why not have the 15 minute foot massage? I walked out of there with my email box caught up for the day… and feeling a million times lighter. It was amazing.

If only I could have gone back to my hotel room at that point to take an three hour nap… I could really use one at this point.

The last few months have been so hectic that I have not been able to update at all. And, honestly, I haven’t wanted to because I have not felt very encouraging. I have not been encouraged in my life, in what I am doing. I am trying to get back to the happiness I felt with what I am doing. I have to refocus on the fact that I am doing what so many people only dream about being able to do. How many people dream about being able to have a job in which they could jump on a plane and go to California for the DAY? I never thought I would have these type of experiences and I need to start appreciating them more instead of focusing on the negative aspects and wallowing in my own self-pity. It’s pathetic.

The next few days are going to be so much fun and I’m going to focus on recharging and recentering. I need it. I’m looking forward to it. I’m so ready for it.

Now just five more hours to kill before my flight… then six more hours of traveling before my weekend can “officially” start.

<3 me.

First Year Associate Musing: One Hour at a time.

plan trustThere’s a fine line between love and hate.

That’s how the saying goes at least, right?

Have you ever stopped to think how accurate it is?

One minute you love the situation you’re in. You’re practically walking on Cloud 9. Until…


The stars move and you cannot stand the situation any longer.

One bad day can completely change the way you view your whole life, and cause serious reconsideration of the things occurring around you.

There comes a moment in the fifth month of working 60+ hours a week, when you realize that this is not the life you dreamed about all those years ago. Yes, the hours were expected and law school did prepare you for the most part. Nonetheless, the never-ending landslide of phone calls, deadlines, and brief-writing starts to catch up to you and you start to question your life choices.

I love being an attorney. When I’m able to fight for the rights of someone who otherwise would not be able to defend them, well, it’s a great feeling. And, learning how to articulate my arguments in a way that is persuasive, provocative, and effective has truly made me a better litigator in the short time I’ve been “practicing”.

I’m truly hopeful for the rest of my career after seeing how drastically I’ve changed in only half a year. If I continue to grow and soak up knowledge each day, I know I will be able to help so many people.

It’s all about finding my right place in this crazy legal realm.

One hour at a time.

First Year Associate Musings: Budgeting Revisited

Do you remember standing in front of the fridge after school looking for that perfect snack that you could never seem to find? I spent hours a day just opening the refrigerator door, staring at the contents, and forgetting what I was looking to satisfy my after-school cravings. Oh, and my mom used to get SO mad! I never quite understood why me looking for food was so aggravating to her, but now, I get it.

expenseLife is expensive. No one really warned me about it. I may remember my mom yelling at me to “Shut that damn door!” But, she never told me that I was wasting kilowatts that cost money. And, boy, do those kilowatts add up!

Honestly, though, I do not know many girls who have a man that would spend the little free time he has re-drafting a budget, but that is what mine just did for me! My bank account makes it look like my budget is working, but I haven’t actually been keeping track of every purchase. I mean, when someone gives me cash that is free money that doesn’t need tracked, right? I’m the first person to admit that I do not like to be bothered worrying about “finances.” Nonetheless, my desire to be rich, happy, and powerful, makes it necessary for me to start paying attention.

My mission for March — keep track off every penny spent for the entire month.

This may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but to me it’s like stepping on the scale after the holidays. You know things have to change and you need a starting point, but you don’t want to know how bad it’s gotten.

Once I see where most of my money is going, it’ll be easier to control the hemorrhage. Let’s hope it isn’t too bad. Wish me luck!

First Year Associate Musings: Smashing into the Wall

My idea of the early years of law practice was working 12+ hours a day, researching, writing, and occasionally having the opportunity to head into the courtroom. I did not consider having to interact with clients daily, because I would only be an associate and clients would want to meet with the senior attorneys.

I had no idea that I would be going to court almost daily, talking to and meeting with clients every day, and still working 12+ hours. When I see co-workers with children, I wonder how the heck they manage it. I’m struggling with my 3-year old miniature Australian shepherd. I cannot afford doggy day care – let alone having to pay for outrageously priced childcare. Who would have thought that, even with my first real job, I’d be more broke than I’ve ever been. Student Loans, car payment, credit card payments, gas to get to/from work/courthouse, health insurance, and the occasional food break are putting my in the poor house!

When I started my job search I had an idea of how much money I had to make each year to keep my head afloat. Nonetheless, new associates (in this area, at least) do not start out making six figures, contrary to popular belief. The number of bills is growing exponentially and it is pretty overwhelming. Although, it is great motivation to wake up every morning to come to work. Work or be homeless.

Work itself is not awful. It is stressful beyond belief and the workload is more than I ever thought I would have to juggle. Yet, a wise man once said:

“Brick walls are there to show how badly you want your dreams”

-Randy Pausch

Even though working in this arena of law was never my intention, the experience I am gaining each day is putting me closer to my real life passion — criminal defense. One day I will be able to fully utilize my five-years of forensic science education, implement everything I’ve learned from CSI, NCIS, Castle, and Forever, and actually make a difference. I would love to work closely with the Innocence Project and/or NACDL to ensure the standards of prosecution is upheld and innocent individuals are not trapped in prison begging for someone to listen to their story.

Each day places us closer to a destination.

It is up to us to determine if we are headed towards the right one.


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