Resolutions for Myself in the New Year


   Hey you, this year is going to be filled with lots of changes. You are aging out of your mom’s insurance (gotta pay those doctor bills yourself now!), you will be graduating law school, moving to a new city, and looking for your first big girl job. This new chapter is going to be pretty scary at first but I know that you can do it because you’ve made it through so many other crazy things in 2013. Keep being you but be the best you that you can be. Continue reading

Bar Prep 2014 – Three Weeks to Go


I wanted to chronicle this whole experience. I did. Nonetheless, the moment I started to write something, I became overwhelmed with stress and couldn’t make any sense of it. Honestly, I approached this period without enough concern. I thought “Heck, I can do this. No one actually studies for 10 hours each day.” They do. Continue reading

A big test I was putting off is FINALLY

A big test I was putting off is FINALLY done & I’m feeling a little generous. SO >>>

The next 4 people to commit to & purchase a challenge pack of YOUR CHOICE (T25, Insanity, etc) will receive a $25 gift card from me!
I want to help YOU but you have to help yourself first & make this commitment to 21, 30 or 50 days because you know what? YOU ARE WORTH IT! #iwannahelpyou #giveaway

Who’s ready???